On Friday, April 7 2017, Blockgeeks Lab announced its $25,000 Blockchain Hackathon with Vitalik Buterin. The hackathon was held at MaRS Discovery District, Toronto between April 21 - 23.

As a quick introduction, Vitalik is Toronto native and one of Canada’s leading technology visionaries. At the age of 19, Vitalik's generalization of Bitcoin blockchain technology has lead to the birth of the world's 2nd largest and fastest growing public blockchain called Ethereum with market capitalization over $7 Billion.

On Friday, April 21st, Vitalik took center stage at MaRS Discovery District to discuss the power of the blockchain. Vitalik’s speech have centered around ‘crypto-economics’, the union of cryptography and economics which is at the heart of public blockchain technology.

Other notable members of the Toronto Blockchain scene were present as well. Jeff Coleman, Head of Technology at Ledger Labs; Matthew Spoke, CEO and Co-founder at Nuco; and Michael Young, CTO at Paycase.

Arkilio team was present as well as we took part in a 2-day hackathon that kicked off on April 22nd. The theme of our work was Ethereum-based smart contract capable of automating payments between building owners/developers and architects. The POC was developed over a 38-hour period from scratch. Final work was presented to a panel of expert judges including Vitalik.

We were extremely pleased that out of the 16 teams competing, Arkilio team has placed 3rd. This is an incredible achievement considering that the Arkilio hackathon team was finalized only a week before the hackathon took place.

Thank You Arkilians, thank you BlockGeeks Lab, thank you Toronto!!