Saturdays are a great time to dream, if your family let's you.

Today, Arkilio team has met to start a series of brainstorming sessions to design details of Arkilio token and define scope of the minimum viable product (MVP).

Brainstorming can either be a creative gold mine or a time wasting disaster. So what are the tips to make it a gold mine?

1. Get everyone in a good mood. In our case, we started the session with coffee and bagels from Tim Hortons. Big thank you to Kregg for his generosity.

2. Identify goals. Never go into a brainstorming session without a clear idea of what you want out of it. In our case we wanted to sketch out details of main user flows.

3. Set a time limit. Don't hesitate to split the brainstorming into multiple manageable sessions if the subject is too big. We set 2hrs.

4. Agree on a moderator. Choose someone who knows the project and has a respect of the team. Eden, as an owner of token design exercise, took on the role of the moderator. He did a great job.

5. Document everything. Use stickers and pencils. Be visual. We did not hold back! Scribbles on the beautiful glass wall were hard to miss. And KFA staff loved it.

6. Embrace wild ideas, don't judge. Record the ideas and move on. Don't analyze. The craziest one I heard today; "we go home and you clean Ladislav"

7. Don't be afraid to include at least one outsider. Out of the box thinking is healthy for the process.

8. And don't forget to take pictures of your wall and turn them into a document.

9. CLEAN UP THE ROOM!!! Being an entrepreneur means to get your hands dirty.